Last Minute Tips and Tricks

Congratulations On Making It This Far!!!  


You should feel relief after coming so far.  You have spent countless hours working, studying, and preparing for this Bar Exam.  We know you will do fine.

If you have taken anything away from our study methods and advice, please manage your time on the exam.

Everything we teach is based on time management and you need to spend the appropriate time on each question, whether it is the MPT, MBE or MEE.  Do not go more than 90 minutes per MPT, 30 Minutes per essay on the MEE, and try to not go beyond 2 minutes per MBE question.  We understand you will go beyond time on certain MBE questions, and that’s fine.  Our key concern in time management is making sure you have enough time to complete each MEE and MPT question.

Here is the rest of our last minute tips and tricks.

  1.  Do not, we repeat do not talk to anyone about about the first days questions.  You will have enough to worry about on day 2 and California takers, day 3.  You will have enough stress and do not need anymore wondering if you got a question right over someone else.  You also do not want waste brain power and energy looking for answers on questions you have already taken.  The answers are completed, those questions are over, you cannot change them.  Don’t stress and move on to the next day.  The second day is worth just as much as the first.
  2. The day before the exam, just go over your outlines and flash cards generally.  Do not cram the night before.  The night before the exam, you will not be able to jam anymore into your brain.  Relax, order food, and go to bed early.  You have a long couple of days ahead.
  3. Based on MPTs we have graded, a couple of key things have popped out.  First, make sure you address every code section, statute, and ESPECIALLY every case in your answer that you are given in your exam.  The examiners are looking for them.  Also, try to differentiate you case with how other cases were resolved in the file.  Example:  The law says our client Bob is an employee and not an independent contractor because he has no control, unlike Dan in the Johnson case who had complete control over how to do his job.
  4. Again, please make sure you only spend the right amount of time per question.  So many other examinees will go over the allotted time per question and because you won’t, you can answer all of the questions getting you more points.

Good Luck everyone.  We hope we have helped you and our predictions are correct.  We have done everything we can to help you succeed.  We look forward to welcoming you as members of the BAR.

We will be posting an additional article on Wednesday or Thursday about what happens from here.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the forum and we will do our best to help.  Good Luck!