Free Resources to Help You Study

Bar Prep Courses, we know are extremely expensive.

After paying tens of thousands of dollars in paying for Law School, we understand the reluctance about paying more to study for the Bar Exam.

We are often asked, “What free resources are available to help you study for the bar exam?”.

The good news is that there are some available.  First place you should look is your state’s governing authority for the bar exam.  Often, states will post previous years essay and MPT questions with model answers or answers rated excellent from previous test takers.



For example, Minnesota State of Law Examiners has posted every essay and MPT question on its exam from July of 2009.  You can that link here:

MN Essay and MPT Answers

Illinois Board Admission to the Bar also lists prior year essays here:  IL Essay Answers

When you look at these resources, make sure they are applicable to the current format and subject matter of your Bar Exam.  For example, Minnesota changed its Bar Exam to UBE Format beginning with the February of 2014 Bar Exam.  So any answers, including to and after that date, are great for studying for any jurisdiction that uses the UBE.  However, I would not recommend reviewing these questions if you are in Louisiana or California, they are just different exams.

Also, we are posting free MEE outlines for your review.  Please look at the following EBP forum post for access to those outlines:

Free MEE Outlines Forum Post

In relation to MBE questions, the free resources available are extremely thin.  We would be careful going to some random website and pulling off their MBE questions.  You just do not know how those questions were created and even if it is correct law.  The NCBE does offer a few free questions, but nothing substantial.  Unfortunately, you must likely will need to purchase questions from a reputable Bar Prep company as you can feel with much greater confidence that those MBE questions are correct and accurate.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the forum and we will do our best to help.  Good Luck!