Efficient Bar Prep is the only resource solely dedicated to help you pass the Bar Exam and obtain final admission to the Bar.

Simply put, we offer free tools and advice to help you study in the most efficient and we believe successful way possible.  This website and study aids are not designed to replace the traditional bar exam preparation course, but to supplement and focus your learning and recollection experience.


Efficient Bar Prep offers flashcards that have been designed to help you pass the bar exam by engaging your brain’s active recall through a modern visual experience.   EBP’s flashcards are perfect tools that allow you to memorize key law facts quickly by organizing them in a clear and concise hierarchal manner that enhances overall memory retention leading to better exam scores.  However, we also offer numerous free tools that we hope you will use.

We offer a forum that uses leading software that allows you to ask specific questions regarding test subjects, local character and fitness requirements, or just simple moral support through one of the most trying times of your professional life.  We offer predictions on what subjects we believe will be tested on MEE portion, state admission requirements, daily tips and so much more.

At most, recent graduates only have three months to study for the Bar Exam.  The forum, predictions, flashcards, and the website itself were created by attorneys to help you study in the most efficient way possible.  While we cannot replace hard work, we can give you the best chance to succeed and we look forward to welcoming you as fellow members of the Bar.

  • EBP was a reassuring presence during Bar Prep.  They gave advice generously, and even took the time to make MEE predictions!

    — Karen S.

  • Simply put, thank you EBP for helping me pass the bar exam.

    — Sam K.

  • EBP’s tips, mini-outlines and dead on predictions were a big reason I did so well on the MEE.

    — Hunter W.

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